12371130_10205359056117209_1869267003575955894_oI am Steve Rahkola, Youth Pastor at New Life Assembly of God.  There are many things I am interested in.  I really enjoy almost anything outdoors including: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Photography, Film, Multi-Media, Disc Golf, Sports, Skiing/Snowboarding, Archery, Fitness (even though I am out of shape), and many more things that get my attention.

I REALLY enjoy spending time with my wonderful, beautiful FIANCE Becca. We have been together since March 2014, and we will tie the knot May 2016.

I graduated twice in 2014 from Ridgewater College with 2 degrees, and am currently working on a Bachelors of Business Communications (expected graduation date fall 2016).

I own my own Film & Photography studio.  I have been interested in filmmaking ever since I can remember.  I made a couple short snowboarding films in a high school independent studies class. My serious interest in Multimedia, especially film, started a few years ago in college when I took a photography class to fill an art credit. Since then, I have been playing around with DSLR cameras with an interest in learning how to film.  After spending hours upon hours online learning about DSLR photography and filmmaking, I started looking for both personal and professional projects. I am always looking for something to film.